California Lottery Tries its Luck with an API

Californians have long had the ability to track lottery updates on their mobile phones, or get updates via the lottery's Twitter account. However, with the release of the CA Lottery API, developers may have entered the scene as California's latest player of the odds.

The API provides an information stream about lottery games currently running across the state of California. Information such as games played, winners' names, and amounts won can be pulled from the lottery's database.  Odds, history, real-time updates; previously available at the lottery's website; can be pulled from the API. As one of the top ten lottery states, with regards to largest payouts, allowing developers to manipulate lottery data may prove beneficial to California chance takers.

Although your odds at picking a perfect NCAA bracket, taking a trip to the ER after a pogo stick accident, finding a four leaf clover, or being struck by lightning remain greater than winning the Mega Millions, perhaps API Integration may close the gap. For more information on the California Lottery API, click here.

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