Call of Duty API Update Temporarily Blocks Stat Tracking

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is one of the many games with an API. The API has traditionally allowed third party game tracking apps to access user stats and other helpful game data. However, a recent API change has prevented users from tracking their stats through such apps.

Activision, the game's creator, has acknowledged the issue. The company states that the API change had the goal of protecting user privacy. However, because the feature is important to many users, Activision does plan on turning the feature on with better privacy protection than was available in previous API versions.

Activision issue the following response to a Reddit thread:

"We recently made changes to the Call of Duty stats API to further safeguard the privacy of individual's game data based on requests from players. This change temporarily restricts access to 3rd party websites and apps until we're able to roll out an improved API to allow 3rd parties to work with game data in a way that also gives players greater control over their own privacy. Enhancements will be available in the coming weeks."

Other features appear unaffected by the API update. Such features include extra content and cosmetic features. As can be expected, this frustrates serious gamers because such features are less important that stat tracking. Stay tuned for upcoming API changes that should include the return of third party app access to stat tracking.

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