Call Logic Announces CRM/AMS and Marketing Automation API

Call Logic, a SaaS-based autodialing solution provider, announced a new white-label API that enables enterprise customers to integrate Call Logic's autodialer with CRM/AMS (Association Management System) and marketing automation systems. With API release 2.6, Call Logic provides TCPA compliance, Do Not Call list functionality and cellphone list scrubbing. The API allows users to autodial directly from CRM and marketing automation tools. The capability increases efficiency throughout large outbound calling campaigns.

"Our mission is to increase the sales results of all our clients when using our market-leading autodialer," Scott Hawkins, Call Logic's managing director, stated in a press release.

With the recent release, Call Logic referred to a large insurance company Integration. More than 15,000 insurance agents now utilize a seamless integration between their sales tools and the Call Logic autodialer, according to Call Logic. Not only are calls made directly from the tool set, agents can add call results, notes and appointments directly into the CRM database. This particular integration is an example of API integration removing manual processes to help streamline workflows.

Call Logic has not made its API docs public. However, the company actively seeks sales tools providers to integrate with and encourages interested parties to make contact. Examples of current partners include Precise LeadsQuoteWizard, SalesgenieCole X-Dates and Blitz Lead Manager. Call Logic provides live, online demos. Those interested can schedule a demo here. Those interested in integration can reach out to the team.

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