Call Loop API Enables SMS and Voice Broadcasting in Third Party Apps

Call Loop, web-based voice and SMS solution provider, offers the Call Loop API that allows developers to add Call Loop’s calling and SMS features to third party apps. Often referred to as the “Constant Contact” for voice and text, Call Loop focuses on broadcast communications. Businesses or individuals can reach subscriber bases via voice or text messages. Call Loop CEO, Chris Brisson, commented:

“[T]his is our 1st edition of our SMS API and voice broadcast api to make it easy for you to integrate Call Loop into your applications, software, and internal systems. We’re one of the easiest bulk SMS providers.”

Although Call Loop remains in its early stages, it boasts of an impressive list of API partners that have integrated Call Loop into applications. From AWeber to MailChimp, forward thinking Platform and app providers have included voice and/or text messaging to applications to attract more users and provide more features. To better engage a customer base, or keep current subscribers with up to date information, Call Loop’s API offers a straightforward approach to broadcast messaging.

The Call Loop API uses HTTP protocol. Through the API, developers can create, change, and delete subscriber lists. Once the lists are set, text and voice messages can be broadcast to the entire base with a simple Function. For more information, visit the API Guide.

Managing subscriber lists has become one of the 21st century’s greatest marketing and sales problems to solve. Data overload drives many customers to unsubscribe or at least ignore email messages. Call Loop provides an alternative to giant email blasts through targeted text and voice messages, and easily integrates such functionality with third party applications.

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