CallDirek Opens Mobile Top-Up API for International Communications

CallDirek, an international communications company, has opened its  API to third-party developers. The CallDirek API provides access to a wide range of CallDirek services, including mobile top ups and voice calls. CallDirek claims that it represents the first mobile top-up company to open an API to the developer community.

"We wanted to make the [connection] process simple by opening up our APIs. Clients can leverage our technology and seamlessly connect with our Platform to start adding value and additional revenues for their business," CallDirek CEO Michel Francis said in a press release.

CallDirek's primary value add derives from its international capability. Prior to the API release, customers had the option to top up a mobile account at any of CallDirek's 100,000 agent locations across five countries or through the CallDirek website or call center. The API release expands this capability in that integrated apps can offer CallDirek's top-up functionality as well as other features. Additional CallDirek features include pinless international calling, private-label distribution services and call termination services.

The CallDirek API is RESTful and uses a JSON data format. The API extends CallDirek's reach beyond its physical footprint. The API grants users in more than 100 countries access to its feature set. The API enables users to conduct transactions, retrieve account data, view international rates, see history and much more. For more information, visit the API docs.

Although the world continues to mobilize and globalize, international calling remains a pain. CallDirek continues to innovate in a manner that eases international communication. By offering its API to third-party developers, CallDirek aims to streamline international communication even further by integrating with third-party apps and websites.

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