CallME: Now You're Talkin'

CallME's RESTful click-to-call API allows you to integrate Click-to-Call into your website as connect any phone number to another number easily. The service provides calling from a browser, voice messaging and a few other telephony features.

callme steps

CallME features five web-based calling services. The first is Click-to-Call, which makes it possible for a consumer to enter their phone number on your site and get a call back from your sales team instantly—across international borders (80 plus countries).

The second is voice messaging allows you to broadcast a voice message about many things including events, scheduling meetings, and conducting phone polls. (It includes the ability to have recipients press the star key on their phone and connect directly to a sales rep.)

Pay-per-call allows you to set up a service that charges the customer by the minute for professional/expert advice. (The professional can set their own rate, and upload a profile with a photo.)

The fourth is text-to-call, that allows you to link certain text to calling various services. For example, the text "taxi London" could automatically dial a cab in the city.

And, lastly, there is a text-to-call messaging service that allows recipients to respond and get a one-click Callback.

CallME is one of 377 telephony APIs.

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