Cambridge Global Payments Launches Enhanced API Platform

Cambridge Global Payments, a provider of integrated cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions, has announced it is launching an enhanced version of the Application Programming Interface Platform that will open it up for third-party and software developers around the world.

The latest version of the foundational platform, Payments API 2.0, will help expand the developer experience, by assisting developers to create new – and better- payment products faster. The collection of APIs offered by Cambridge's open API suite are used to facilitate foreign exchange and domestic payments. The suite provides currency spot and forward capabilities to approved customers and robust beneficiary endpoints that prompt for applicable regulatory data requirements based on the destination of payment.

"As a customer-centric organization, Cambridge continues to make enhancements based on customer consultations to ensure we remain top of mind in the Fintech space," said Daniil Saiko, Director of Technical Sales, Cambridge Global Payments. "We like to think of ourselves as part of the fabric of the payments ecosystem. We are constantly improving our technology to ensure Cambridge is an important part of the infrastructure of payments, and that we are consistently well positioned for growth."

Cambridge’s open APIs offer quick and simple access to 145+ currencies, in-country delivery to 117 countries, along with adding features that we anticipate will improve efficiency, reduce error rates and their associated costs. Furthermore, Cambridge’s open APIs help developers create an enhanced user and client experience throughout the entire life cycle of the payment. They also make it possible for fintech providers to integrate their applications with their clients’ existing business systems in compliance with industry standard security protocols and make it easy for developers to provide customized third-party applications for their products.

"Cambridge aims to constantly improve the API platform within the payments space," adds Saiko. "The more functionality and data we can provide to our customers within the platform, the better."

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