Campaigner Elements API Provides Insight to Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaigner, leading email marketing services provider, has launched the Campaigner Elements API. The Elements API is intended to be integrated with analytics platforms to gain greater insight into subscriber behavior. Creating targets for email blasts is step one. The Elements API makes step two easier: narrowing focus to potential customers. Campaigner General Manager, Rick Faulk, commented:

" Integration and marketing automation is one of the biggest challenges for marketers looking to target the right customers in the most efficient way.... Campaigner Elements API allows users the flexibility to share their data between applications and take advantage of ' Big Data' analysis, to run more effective campaigns and increase their retention and revenue."

In 1996, a group of marketers founded Campaigner to serve other marketers. In less than 20 years, Campaigner has become a trusted sourced for email marketing advice and implementation. With customers ranging from enterprise to individuals, customers boast of partnerships with Campaigner. One user attributed triple digit growth year over year to Campaigner and its world class tools.

The Elements API allows users to manage lists, subscriber bases, content, email campaigns, and download metrics. The API can integrate with other analytics tools, or as a management Platform within existing workflows. Those interested can sign up for a free upcoming webinar.

Email marketing is table stakes for today's virtual environment. However, with the constant bombarding of email marketers, deriving valuable insight from email campaigns is often futile. Tools such as Campaigner Elements can provide direction from email campaigns and shed light on how to focus before and after an email campaign.

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