Can The Screenr API Help Support Your Systems?

Anyone that has worked with a company that uses proprietary systems knows how frustrating it can be when something goes wrong. Communicating an error to a support team via email can be difficult. Without seeing what is going wrong errors are often time consuming for support team members to diagnose. Instead of spending time explaining what went wrong wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could quickly record a video of the problem as it happens and then forward that to the support team? Thanks to Screenr and the Screenr Business API this process can be built into a company’s support workflow.

Screenr is a web-based screen recording service that is designed to make communicating errors easier. This service can be embedded into an existing web site using the Screenr Business API. This would produce a “Record a screencast” button that when clicked opens the java-based recording service. Once the recording is finished, the video can be forwarded along to the appropriate support team.

Some Screenr features:

  • One-click recording
  • Public and private screencasts
  • Embeddable recorder
  • API for custom integration
  • Recorder branding

The RESTful Screenr Business API returns data formatted in JSON. The company offers a 15 day free trial and then pricing is based on what level of integration and support is necessary.

The Screenr Business API is one of 213 video APIs and 390 tools APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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