Can The TappingStone API Survive Among Competition

In the highly competitive world of app development it is crucial to understand how end users are interacting with applications. TappingStone analyses user information that is pulled from an application via the TappingStone API and provides a set of predictions that could allow an application to adapt in real-time. TappingStone could, for example, decide what users in a freemium setting are likely to become paid customers and offer them a promotion to ensure they stay around.

In ProgrammableWeb’s directory of APIs we list 2 that offer similar features. They are the Prior Knowledge API and the Precog API. To read more about the Prior Knowledge API check out an article that we published back in July. Simon Chan, co-founder and CEO of TappingStone, told TechCrunch in a recent article that he believes TappingStone will survive by providing a more tailored design than competitors:

“It is technically challenging to provide such self-served behavior prediction service for all kinds of apps. The needs of behavior prediction for, for instance, a news app and a restaurant discovery app are totally different: one is very time-sensitive while the other is more dependent upon location”

The RESTful TappingStone API returns data formated in JSON and is a part of our Tools Category that features 676 APIs.

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