Canto Revamps Digital Asset Management API With Cumulus X Release

Canto, a digital asset management (DAM) solution provider, announced the latest version of its flagship Cumulus X offering, which includes an improved API for third-party Integration. Cumulus X, the 10th version of Canto's DAM solution, allows users to secure, distribute and repurpose brand assets. According to Canto, the latest Cumulus API constitutes one of the DAM market's most comprehensive APIs.

"Our longstanding commitment to creating a better, more engaging User Experience for our customers, while also establishing digital asset management as an indispensable enterprise application, continues with the availability of Cumulus X," Canto CEO Jack McGannon said in a press release. "Not only have we created more opportunities for our customers to integrate DAM with third-party platforms and enterprise applications with a more extensible API, but we also now offer organizations more options to access and manage their digital assets no matter where they are logistically."

Many in the DAM space will admit that a key hurdle to adoption as a critical piece in marketing technology stacks stems from the inability to integrate DAM solutions with existing IT enterprise systems. The Cumulus X API streamlines integration with existing systems across an organization, including CRM, CMS, project management, marketing automation, ERP, e-commerce and publishing applications. Canto can already name an array of integration partners that serve as good examples for the potential of Cumulus X integration.

The RESTful Cumulus X API seamlessly bridges the gap between Cumulus and Front-end users' interfaces. The API connects with mobile, Web and enterprise applications. After integration, users can preview assets, read metadata from third-party systems and access Cumulus X's entire product functionality. Cumulus X functionality includes search, filtering, file sharing, portals, workflow automation, image and video publishing, metadata editing and extraction, asset relations, version control, secure file transfer and social DAM.

Alongside the API announcement, Canto released a new iOS app for better read/write DAM support on iPad and iPhone. Further, Cumulus Portals provide mobile-friendly access to assets for thousands of simultaneous users. Visit Canto's website to learn more about all of Canto's capabilities.

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