Canvs Announces Suite of APIs for Its Emotion Insight Services

Canvs, a leader in emotion and behavior insights, announced today that all of Canvs’s solutions can be integrated into any business applications with Canvs APIs, allowing more flexibility and control over how, where, and when companies receive Canvs analytics and data.

“Researchers have long known that open-ended text is a valuable source of information for brands,” said Jared Feldman, CEO & co-founder, Canvs. “Yet, many have shied away from it because the process of mining that information is so manual, expensive, and time-consuming. Canvs understands how consumers feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact and actions those feelings and behaviors create for brands.”

Through analysis of one trillion expressions and more than 10 billion conversations, Canvs’ patented AI and Machine Learning Platform quickly turns open-ended text from social media, marketing campaigns, and customer surveys into powerful insights that can improve product and brand experiences.

In an effort to make this process even easier for companies, Canvs is now making all of its solutions available via APIs. These custom integrations deliver emotional and topical measurement when companies want it and how they want it to integrate into their existing platforms.

Additionally, Canvs APIs are turnkey to take advantage of these offerings and the company’s customer support team is available to ensure a seamless implementation. Canvs APIs easily allow companies to:

  • Send a dataset with open-ended text and filters for analysis.
  • Pull detailed analysis of any individual Canvs product dataset to which client is subscribed.
  • Pull macro-level analysis of any Canvs product to which client is subscribed.
  • Provides detailed TV affinities of any custom Twitter audience.
  • Provides Canvs emotional and semantic analysis of custom, short-form text.

James Norman, Co-Founder, and CEO of Pilotly, a Silicon Valley startup that offers the premier market research platform for creative content, instantly saw the value of this Integration, “I've been a fan of the work Canvs has been doing for years. They've been focused on natural language processing and I believe they've built one of the best algorithm sets in the space. It's only natural that we'd bring their powerful emotional analysis of text on to our platform so all our clients can benefit.”

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