Capital Markets Firms to Spend $35 Million on Mashups in 2009

A recent report by the Aite Group entitled "The Case for Mashups in Capital Markets" projected that despite the current financial climate, capital market firms will spend $35 million in mashup technology this year. According to the report, which surveyed 13 major capital market firms around the world, these companies will be willing to invest in mashups in order to address a variety of business processes:

Although many firms will face budget constraints in 2009, using mashup technology can support many top objectives in risk management, as well as myriad business processes deemed too small for a full-blown technology project. As such, Aite Group expects capital markets firms to spend US$35 million on mashup technology in 2009.

Adam Honoré, senior analyst with Aite Group and author of this report notes that:

As technology budgets decline, mashups may seem like a strange technology subject to explore in the current capital markets environment. If firms consider some of the significant challenges headed the industry's way and frame mashups in the context of how they add value to their business, the time spent exploring may be worth the effort.

The twenty-five page report also profiles four vendors that are active in the mashup space: Connotate, IBM, Serena Software and

As always, these types of reports should be taken with a grain of salt (especially given the volatile economic times we currently are in), but it reflects a theme we're seeing more frequently: that mashups have the potential to be an effective, cost-saving technology in the enterprise.

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