Capital One Charges Into Developer Territory With Beta APIs

Credit card company Capital One has released its first Capital One API. After a year of development by Capital One Labs, the company is making deals, rewards and identity available to access certain pieces of customer data.

"We know we won't always reach the customer where and when they're shopping. But if you can, we should talk," Capital One's Paul Sun said at the Business of APIs Conference. Developers who connect to Capital One's deals can offer personalized coupons to the customers. The company also makes rewards points available to make purchases. "CapitalOne customers are sitting on billions of dollars of spending power in points," Sun said.

Capital One uses OAuth, with permissions given for a period of time, such as accessing a customer's rewards balance for 30 minutes.

The services are currently in beta and Documentation is available only by request for now. But the company has plans to expand the APIs it makes available. "The obvious one is payments," Sun said, though did not say whether the company is working on it. "We're in a position to create one that is more advantageous."

Big companies like Capital One are following in the footsteps of startups. It's another step toward every company having an API.

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