Captricity Releases Public API

Captricity, dedicated to transforming data trapped on paper into digital form, announced the public release of its API. Originally, customers accessed Captricity's technology via a web Portal. In August, Captricity launched a beta API. Over the past few months, Captricity enhanced its API under the Code for America Accelerator program (one of seven startups to qualify for the honor). Captricity announced the API's public availability at Code for America's Demo Day.

Captricity's founder and CEO, Kuang Chen, drummed up the idea behind Captricity while conducting graduate research in east Africa. Chen commented on the progress Captricity has made in its young existence which culminated on Demo day:

"Recent integrations with a number of cloud-based services have taken the technology one step closer to a goal now fully realized with the release of the API: integrating Captricity seamlessly into end-to-end processes bridging paper-based workflows and digital data processing."

Programmers tested the now open API this past weekend at a Code for America hackathon. Code for America Director of the Accelerator program boasted of Captricity's potential:

"Captricity is a game-changing company. With the release of their API, users will be able to have an even more direct connection to Captricity's data entry transcribing technology....Captricity reflects a new generation of startup -- the civic startup -- that can deliver disruptive technologies to government and enterprises alike at a fraction of the traditional cost."

Captricity's API uses REST protocol and JSON data format. Those interested in the API can sign up for access at the developer page. Those who sign up receive 25 free pages to test the product.

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