CARDFREE Opens API access to its Order-Ahead Platform

CARDFREE, a mobile merchant Platform provider, has opened its order-ahead API for third party Integration. Merchants, app providers, and other partners can use the CARDFREE mobile SDK to integrate order-ahead services through their own systems. The SDK includes in-app payment options so the entire order can be processed from the integrated app or service.

"Order-ahead has become a must-have solution as consumers now expect the benefit of ordering and paying in advance to skip lines," CARDFREE CEO, Jon Squire, commented in a press release. "We've seen demand not only from restaurants but also from grocery and convenience brands that want to increase prepared food volume and deli sales."

CARDFREE isn't the only order-ahead platform on the market. However, its API strategy is more customer friendly and clearly keeps customer data with the customer. CARDFREE partners maintain full access and ownership of data that flows through the CARDFREE API. Additionally, not all order-ahead platforms were designed for mobile. CARDFREE's API works seamlessly across channels.

With the API, developers gain full access to the order-ahead platform. The API and platform are built for scale, currently handling 200,000 calls per minute at peak times. The API supports complex menus, modifications, combinations and orders.

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