CareerOneStop: Jumpstart the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Careeronesetop's API provides access to a wide range of data useful to job seekers. For some reason, it's hidden on two different pages, here and here. But it's worth listing verbatim:

  • Find wages by occupation
  • Build an occupation profile
  • Find and translate military occupation information
  • Get occupational licensing information
  • Get certification information
  • Find a One-Stop Career Center
  • Find occupation titles and codes by keyword
  • Find occupation matches
  • Get occupation summary
  • Find education and training by occupation
  • Identify skill and knowledge gaps between two occupations
  • Find education and training by knowledge area
  • Get occupation certification list
  • Get occupation certification detail
  • Get occupational licensing list
  • Get occupational licensing detail
  • Find apprenticeship sponsors by occupation

As Stacey Bumpus of notes, Careeronestop "offers help with writing resumes, cover letters and thank you letters."

The site is partnered with nonprofit websites like and

The technical information needed to implement the API requires prior registration.

Careeronestop has a jobs tools site that posts tools that were voted on by over 16,000 members of the public. These include ways to assess yourself, explore career options, update your skills, get a dream job, and advance or change your career.

Careeronestop is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

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