Carpoolworld API: Need A Ride To Work? There's An App For That!

Carpools are a great option for the daily commute to the office, especially for those who want to save a substantial amount on fuel or just simply want to minimise their carbon footprint by using their vehicles less. Carpoolworld is an application that works to help commuters and other travellers find others in nearby locations with similar transportation needs, to make ride-sharing arrangements. Carpoolworld also provides the Carpoolworld API that gives developers the option to create applications using this data. 20130531-153819.jpg Carpoolworld allows users to enter their start point and destination addresses, and provides them with a list of similar trips created by other users. Users can then make contact with each other by email, SMS or phone. The system also provides group services for any business or institution that may want to administer its own carpooling website. The Carpoolworld API uses a RESTful style and responses are formatted in XML. The API gives developers access to functionality including the ability to create trips, find matches and contact potential travel partners. Developers who wish to create apps that use this data will need to request a developer account and receive their partner name and partner key. They will also need to let Carpoolworld know about the app. Further information is available on the website.

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