Cash for Ideas in Hoover's First-Ever Developer Contest

Hoover’s, one of the largest providers of company, people and industry research has just announced a developer contest. The contest invites developers to use the Hoover's API to come up with ideas for great apps. Then, developers will actually create those applications, consuming the Hoover's database.

The Ideas and Apps contest aims for developers to tap into the largest database of business information available. The contest is split into two rounds. Round one is the "Ideation" round, in which you need to provide an idea of how you will harness Hoover’s large database to solve a particular problem. You need to target any of the following three categories:

  • Most Innovative Use of Hoover's API
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Social Media Integration

From the ideas submitted, the judges will select three ideas (one per category) who will win $2,000 American Express gift cards and seven other finalists, making a total of 10 applications that will be selected at the end of round one. You need to submit your ideas by May 11 with the winners being announced on May 25.

The second round will involve these 10 application ideas being worked upon by the applicants to a working prototype. These applications will receive an API Key that will give them access to the Hoover’s database. The prototypes can be submitted from June 25 to August 25  with the winner being announced on September 25. The winner stands to win a $10,000 American Express gift card.

To test out the API, you can apply for an API key at Please refer to the contest page for full rules and to participate.

So if you have the ideas and the skills to combine companies, people and industry research information in an innovative way, put on your thinking hat and submit your idea for round one in the Ideas and apps contest.

Romin Irani Romin loves learning about new technologies and teaching it to others. His passion is to help developers succeed.

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