Cashplus Adds Payments API to Portfolio

Cashplus, a UK Fintech company, has released a new Payments API. The API aims to enable small and medium sized business to process thousands of payments instantly and simultaneously. Traditionally, such technology required fees unaffordable to small businesses, or manual labor to process transactions individually (also cost prohibitive).

"Small and medium business owners are the backbone of the UK economy, and they've got enough on their plates without spending hours managing their finances on manual systems," Rich Wagner, Cashplus CEO, commented in a press release. "We're thrilled to offer a technology solution that saves them valuable time and money."

The Payments API allows users to send batch or single payments. Through the API, users can initiate, approve, reject, and submit payments from third party applications (e.g. payroll systems, accounting platforms, business platforms, etc.). Currently, the API supports domestic UK transactions in GBP currency. To learn more, read the API docs.

The Payments API adds to Cashplus' growing suite of APIs. Cashplus had previously released the Account API and the Application API. To try out any API, register for a sandbox account.

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