Catchpoint’s WebPageTest API Brings Performance Testing to CI/CD Workflows

Catchpoint, a provider of end- User Experience metrics, has been working on a new API that is designed to allow developers to perform webpage testing as a part of their CI/CD workflow. This new WebPageTest API is now ready for developers and has moved into general availability.

Catchpoint’s new API provides developers with access to Front-end performance metrics, video comparisons of user experience based on browser and location, and access to a new GitHub Integration. Catchpoint sees its commitment to CI/CD integration an invaluable asset to developers, with Tim Kadlec, Performance Engineering Fellow at Catchpoint, noting that:

“Having WebPageTest data integrated with your CI/CD process brings performance into the development conversation, ensuring sites meet speed and usability standards before they’re released and experienced by users in production...”

The WebPageTest API is available now and developers can learn more about this offering at the company’s updated Documentation hub and discussion forum.

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