Celebrity Mashups

Earlier this week CNET News.com published Boob tube meets online maps as TV fans get creative. The story looks into the recent proliferation of media and celebrity-based maps mashups including The Geography of Seinfeld, the HBO Sopranos Map, and Jacktracker for 24.

There are a few interviews including one with Mike Pegg of Google Maps Mania and Virender Ajmani who's created a few good mashups, including one added here this week, The Oscars Birthplaces Map, as well as the earlier NBC's Apprentice Map. The interview with Virender hits on one of the recurring themes (clouds?) over mashups: IP, copyright and trademarks:

For his Apprentice Contestants mashup, Virender Ajmani spent a weekend matching contestants on the show with their hometowns on a Google map. When the map pins are clicked, a balloon window opens up and displays more information, including an explanation for the reason a given contestant was fired.

However, NBC may not turn out to be such a fan of the site.

"We are flattered and happy to see that fans are involved in the show," an NBC representative told CNET News.com. "However, we are looking into the use of our logos and copyrights."

Will be interesting to see how this sort of 'flattered and happy' plays-out.

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