Celery API Enables Pre-ordering and Flexible Payment Options

Celery, flexible ecommerce solution provider, allows users to accept pre-orders without charging the customer until the product is ready to ship. On the flip side, customers also have the capability to pre-pay for goods and services. In addition to flexible payment options, Celery allows developers to integrate its functionality with third party apps and workflows via the Celery API. Airbrite (Celery's parent company) co-founder, Chris Tsai, commented:

“It’s really hard today to get an e-commerce storefront that flexible and available anywhere....We want to make it easy to embed an e-commerce touchpoint wherever you are – whether it’s your website, your mobile app, on Facebook, or even on Google Glass.”

Celery launched in private beta a couple of months ago, but has already enjoyed hundreds of adopters. Early partners include 3Doodler, Dagne Dover,  Breathometer, and more. Users praise Celery for its simplicity and low maintenance. One Small Business co-founder, Chris Ronzio, commented:

"Celery is the simplest way we've found to accept and organize pre-orders. It's so simple that selling can become step #1. Once again, great product!"

The Celery API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Stripe constitutes the underlying Platform that drives Celery's flexibility. But, its inherent features take is pre-payment and scheduled features to another level. The API remains in private beta. Those interested can visit the developer site to learn more or request access.

Ecommerce continues to represent one of the fastest changing areas of technologies (specifically ecommerce APIs). Just when new value propositions seem to have run dry, a startup like celery offers yet another niche play that stirs the ecommerce waters. If your business needs to take pre-orders or offer more flexible payment options, consider Celery as an ecommerce option.

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