Cex.io Offers Real-Time Bitcoin Exchange Data Access via WebSocket API

Cex.io, a bitcoin exchange Platform and owner of the Cex.io Trade API, has announced the release of a new WebSocket API. The WebSocket API is a real-time tool that professional traders and developers can utilize to gain quick access to data from the exchange. Through pusher technology, WebSocket API lets users subscribe to specific exchange updates and receive automated notifications about changes without additional requests.

"Not only will WebSocket API solution be useful for professional traders and developers, but also lead to new partnerships between Cex.io and other bitcoin companies on the market," Cex.io CIO Jeffrey Smith said in a blog post.

Cex.io said the new API would receive continual updates and support. The company maintains a road map of new features to be added to the API. Further, Cex.io will continue to develop API features based on user feedback.

Smith indicated that the new API is in its infancy from a feature and functionality standpoint: "WebSocket API is only the first step towards satisfying the demands of experienced bitcoin market traders. Cex.io exchange will continue developing in this direction and present new trading solutions, including a FIX protocol, which we are currently working on."

Cex.io has not yet made API Documentation publicly available. For access to the docs, Cex.io advises interested parties to send an email request to the team. Founded in 2013, Cex.io aims to spread the word and understanding of bitcoin with its exchange and exchange-related tools and services. To learn more about all of Cex.io's API offerings, visit the API site

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