Changes Coming to Google Groups Settings API

Google has announced major changes to the Google Groups Settings APITrack this API. The changes include combining certain settings with similar functions and removing rarely used functions. The changes will go into effect May 6, 2019. Developers who have built apps with the API or who manage Google Groups with custom scripts might be affected.

The changes include a number of deprecations:

  • maxMessageBytes
  • allowGoogleCommunication
  • messageDisplayFont
  • whoCanAddReferences
  • whoCanMarkFavoriteReplyOnOwnTopic
  • favoriteRepliesOnTop

After the deprecation date, calls to these properties will be ignored.

In addition to deprecation, a number of functions and methods are being combined to modernize the API according to usage and methodology. For a full list of these changes, check out Google's blog post announcement.

To help developers adjust their apps accordingly, Google has published a transition article in its help center. Additionally, Google anticipates publishing a method to test against the new API in the coming weeks. If you are interested in participating in the alpha trial, fill out this form. The alpha test is scheduled to begin April 8, 2019.

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