The Changing Face of Mobile Photography: Snapshots As Search Engine Queries

Not sure what you’re looking at? Just ask your smart phone! This is the world we are living in: snapshot digital identification brought to you by Artificial Intelligence algorithms.  LTU, a player in the image recognition game since 1999, is opening up to developers its image recognition and search API dubbed LTU Engine/ON Demand.

LTU has been busy for these past 13 years, getting into areas such as media intelligence, law enforcement, intellectual property and eCommerce. The company was founded by scientific minds from MIT and Oxford University. In the future, as LTU would describe it, photography will have a different purpose. People will begin to use photos to seek additional information about their environment in real time.  The days of photos as memorabilia-only will fade away.

The LTU site limits its Documentation to only registered users, and the pricing is not disclosed, other than calling it an "affordable pay-per-query pricing model." It seems that this company is able to offer a wide range of services based on different functions and flavors of image recognition. Perhaps they just want to get to know you and where your project fits in its range of solutions.

LTU Engine is one of 11 photo search APIs in our index, but the only other that comes close is the TinEye API.

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