Charge for Access to Content with the Tinypass API

Simply stated: "Tinypass is a powerful e-commerce Platform that helps sites charge for access to content." Developers and site owners can utilize the Tinypass platform by adding a plugin for popular CMS platforms (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.); or, developers can integrate Tinypass functionality into apps and third party sites with the Tinypass API. Tinypass aims to turn viewers into revenue:

"Tinypass makes it easy to build a revenue stream based on access to paid content, not just on how many eyeballs you attract. How? We take the kind of technology behind The New York Times paywall and iTunes and give it to you in a simple, beautiful package."

As Web 2.0 startups struggle to monetize enormous user bases, Tinypass has developed a niche platform that could solve the money problem. A recent Tinypass success story stems from Andrew Sullivan's (political/social author and blogger) decision to take his blog, The Dish, independent. Sullivan decided to charge a yearly subscription fee to access The Dish to avoid advertising on the site. Before public launch, Sullivan has raised over $500,000 in yearly subscriptions using the Tinypass API.

The Tinypass API uses REST protocol. Toolkits for Java, PHP, and C# are available in the developer area. Developers specify pricing and access parameters, and Tinypass generates code to embed in a site. From installation on, Tinypass monitors the rest: enforces access, processes payments, reports statistics and revenue, etc.

With a fresh round of funding and a giant internet personality utilizing the platform, Tinypass may have found its path to success. Although Tinypass can target enterprises with base functionality, its ease of use enables individuals and small businesses to start charging for content. As bloggers and content providers become more frustrated with excessive advertising, expect the likes of Tinypass to start driving revenue.

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