Chart-topping Billboard API

The legendary Billboard charts are now open for mixing, not by DJs, but by programmers. Billboard, a service of Nielsen Business Media, has a new API that lets developers search and read information from all the Billboard historical charts. The initial offering is its Chart service and later on Billboard will "roll out the Artist and Track services to add even more depth and perspective." The API is a simple REST interface that developers can send HTTP GET requests to in a familiar service/version/ Resource fashion. We've added a new Billboard API profile with details.

Billboard's Chart Web Service has three calls:

Chart Spec: which returns the list of all the charts available (Billboard Hot 100, Hot Country Songs, etc.) or the list that matches a keyword. There are 550 different charts available.

Search: where a developer can find an historical chart based on chart spec, date, artist, or song. So for example this query asks for Warren Zevon appearances on Billboard charts during the last decade.

Charts by ID: which returns all entries on that chart, as in this example:


The responses can be in XML, JSON, or JSON wrapped in a developer-specified Callback Function. The service allows for 1500 API calls per day and up to 2 queries per second. All the developer information can be found here.

With nearly 250 music-related mashups in our directory, there should be a strong developer demand for the type of rich historical data in this compendium of musical chart-toppers.

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