Cheaters Never Win, But Sometimes They Create APIs

“Is that your real name?”  It's a question that we just don’t ask often enough!  Fake Name Generator might like to see a little more suspicion in everyday life.  The Fake Name Generator API will randomly create an identity complete with name, address, and numbers for phone, credit card, and social security.  Why would you need this?  Suppose you are testing a credit card processing gateway.  You would need to validate and check fake numbers.  Or maybe you need to test the validation of your site’s registration form.

The Fake Name Generator API is incredibly simple and clear. It’s a RESTful HTTP API returning JSON, XML, or serialized PHP.  It is secured via API Key.  The request has three potential parameters: response format, country, and gender.  If you need a large data set you could request over and over again, as long as you don’t violate the terms of service.  There is a page on the project website for bulk download anyway.  This service is one of 159 tools APIs. In a related space we have 2 privacy APIs and 13 identity APIs.

The service is provided by CorbanWorks, which is apparently an operation out of Connecticut.  There is contact information listed on the Corban site, but how can you know its real?  There’s only one way to find out.

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