Check Out The First Services To Use Product Hunt's API

Product Hunt is website that aids in app and technology discovery. The website’s social functions include a login and an up-vote system to display top trending products. With such valuable data at developer fingertips, it's no wonder why the service has begun to deploy a Product Hunt API

Many 3rd party applications previously scraped data from Product Hunt. Now with a cleaner API released to about 300 developers, the community is beginning to see various applications on the rise. Jon Russel of has compiled a list of 11 applications that are currently deploying the API. 

The Y-Combinator fueled Product Hunt also plans on sponsoring a hackathon in the near future to inspire entrepreneurship and to show their commitment to working closely with the developer community. Interested parties can visit their website to request early access to consume their API. 

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Here are 11 of the first services to use Product Hunt’s API