Checkbox API Enables Survey Functionality in Existing Apps

Checkbox, survey and data collection tool provider, allows developers to integrate survey functionality into third party apps via the Checkbox API. The API enables functionality beyond mere answer collection. For example, developers can integrate a Checkbox survey with a CRM application and automatically create a new entry directly from the survey. The application possibilities are seeming endless. Checkbox President, John Craven, explained:

"The team at Checkbox is excited to reveal what we believe is the most technology-rich, intuitive, and customizable web-based survey creation and sharing tool available today."

Founded in 2002, Checkbox has spent over a decade enhancing survey capabilities and has built up a top notch customer base across industries of all shapes and sizes. More than 1000 businesses and organizations have leveraged Checkbox's survey technology to enhance productivity. For example, BBK Worldwide integrated the Checkbox API with existing business processes to customize a solution for its needs without new product development. BBK Director of Information Systems and Operationis, Victor Bradley, explained:

"Checkbox was hands down above the other products from a price point and from a capabilities point."

The Checkbox API uses REST protocol. Developers can create custom survey formats or choose from existing Checkbox survey options. The API can return survey answers as well as metadata and run analytics on survey batches. Those interested can find out more at the developer site.

Surveys represent one of the web's most important data collection tools. Companies gather information from customers, partners, and employees alike through surveys on a daily basis. With the Checkbox API, developers can incorporate survey functionality with its existing applications for minimal business disruption.

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