The CheckInOn.Me API Provides Peace of Mind Wherever it is Needed

CheckInOn.Me is a “proactive automated personal safety system” that allows developers to create customized services that provide peace of mind to users. The CheckInOn.Me API grants developers access to a system that checks in on users and waits for a custom response to verify their safety.

In case you are having trouble thinking of ways to use this API, the CheckInOn.Me API page provides some ideas to get you started:

  • Build a private-labelled app for realtor safety.
  • Add our checking to your online dating or personals website or app. Once people are planning to meet, let's help them be safer.
  • Build a few-features version for seniors with iPads. This version might allow the senior's children/caretakers to set things up remotely. You could also check that the senior is taking medications on time, and email reports back to the caretakers.
  • Build a sorority sister version with all the women in the house already in there as emergency contacts.
  • Build a version for teens and kids to help parents know they're safe when walking to/from school or going out with friends. You can include geofencing and reports to parents.

The CheckInOn.Me API is RESTful and returns data formatted in JSON. This API is one of 224 Security APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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