Checkout Pillbox at ONC's Next Innovation Engagement Google Hangout

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) will host its next Innovation Engagement Google Hangout tomorrow, October 7th at 2 PM EST. This hangout will discuss Pillbox, a new National Library of Medicine (NLM) project. Pillbox gathers complex medication data that pharmaceutical companies must report to the government and makes it available in a consumable format for developers. Pillbox provides quality pharmaceutical data, a public library of pill images, public APIs, and open Source Code. The presentation tomorrow "will go under the hood of Pillbox" to discuss its features, limitations, future potential, and hopefully inspire some innovative thinking in the pharm/healthcare space.



Pillbox Project Manager, David Hale, will discuss Pillbox with Mark Silverberg from Social Health Insights. The pair will discuss the power and value Pillbox's data brings to developers, the tools available to help developers build apps with Pillbox, Pillbox's recently released open source code, Pillbox's potential to meet current healthcare challenges, and complementary data, APIs, and projects that Pillbox developers should consider. Participants will have the opportunity to engage Mark and David in a Q&A session.

The discussion begins tomorrow at 2:00 PM, EST. Additionally, the presenters invite attendees to learn more about Pillbox and get involved in the project at the upcoming Medication Management Code-a-thon. The three day ONC event will take place October 24-26 at Treehouse Health in Minneapolis, MN. The code-a-thon will bring developers, patients, and providers together in an opportunity to generate new ideas and code while learning about openFDA, Pillbox, and other initiatives.  

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