Cheezburger Launches New API: Lolcats, Memes and Funny Pictures for Everyone

Cheezburger, one of the largest social humor networks on the Internet, has launched a new Cheezburger API which allows developers to create innovative applications (web, mobile and desktop) where users can experience the Cheezburger Platform by sharing lolcats, memes, and other funny pictures.

Cat Meme Shared on "I Can Has Cheezburger?" -- Image Credit: Cheezburger

Using the new Cheezburger API, developers can build content creation apps that allow users to publish content such as comics and memes directly to Cheezburger. According to a post on VentureBeat, Rick Simpkinson, a technical product manager at Cheezburger says about the new Cheezburger API:

"Before we made the API available, you can make a comic, but then could only share with your direct network. Now by working with us they can make Cheezburger available as a publishing option."

The Cheezburger API uses REST, data is returned in JSON format and was designed for fast and easy use. Developers can get started with the API by first obtaining a client ID and an API Key.

Here are a few of the functions that can be implemented into applications using the Cheezburger API:

  • Post and Retrieve images (pictures with captions) on Cheezburger sites. At the time of this writing, only images are supported.
  • Retrieve information about Cheezburger sites.
  • Retrieve user profile information, including avatar images.

There is detailed Documentation available for the Cheezburger API as well as an API Console (powered by Apigee) that can be used for testing.

The Cheezburger Network includes many popular sites that receive millions of pageviews every month including I Can Has Cheezburger?, Fail Blog and Memebase.

According to Rick Simpkinson's quote in VentureBeat, the ultimate goal is "serving our customers the best funny content, where ever they are."

Cheezburger even has it's own Reality TV show called LOLwork, which was launched on the Bravo Network in November 2012.

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