The Chictopia API Proves APIs Are in Style

The sales world is clearly undergoing a serious shift in the way that it operates. Brick and mortar retailers are forced to compete with online stores that can offer more aggressive pricing based on lower operational cost. In many retail sectors this has been obvious for some time; other sales arenas have been far more resistant to internet migration. In this post I will attempt to show the significance that I think the Chictopia API has to the fashion industries move to the internet.

Chictopia is an online community that allows users to post photos of “chic” outfits and then rate other user’s posts. The community also shares reviews of boutiques, designers, and fashion standards. The real magic of the Chictopia community is that it lets users create profiles of their physical characteristics and then view other users profile’s based on similarity of physical features. This lets community members see what an outfit would look like before they buy it. Hesitation by consumers to purchase online because of fit related issues has long been seen as a significant hurdle for online fashion retailers. Could it be that all consumers need to be more comfortable with buying clothing online is a better idea of how clothing would look on them?

The Chictopia API would be useful to developers that are hoping to provide custom style content. This API is one of 655 social APIs and 5 fashion APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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