Chinese Podcasters on Virtual Earth

Just a quick update on some interesting new examples showing how more folks are now using MSN Virtual Earth (VE) maps. The first two are more broadly interesting (eBay+VE and Chinese Podcasters) and the third is a bit more of a technical demonstration.

  • Podlook: Plots Chinese podcasters on Virtual Earth maps so that users can find podcasters in near them or in other regions of China. A big podcasting market indeed.
  • eBay + Virtual Earth: Drasko Markovic brings us this mashup that puts eBay searches on a MSN Virtual Earth Map. It will try to locate your zip automatically. It works in the USA, UK, France and Germany.
  • Shapefile Viewer: Plots shapefiles on Virtual Earth maps. What are shapefiles? See here. This example demonstrates three different types of shapes being used: Seattle Zipcodes (Polygon overlays of each zip code boundary), Seattle rivers (an example of Polylines), and Wyoming Mines (using a series of Points). There's input field which allows you to point to a URL of any shapefile (presuming you happen to have one handy).

There's been other Virtual Earth examples added and you can see the full list in the Mashups & Examples section under /api/VirtualEarth.


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