Chirpify Adds Instagram to Social Commerce Platform

Just months ago, Chirpify was known as the company that "turns tweets into transactions." Chirpify has now deemed such commerce "in-stream commerce" and CEO (Chris Teso) claims:

"If people can’t buy it in-stream it’s not social commerce. It’s advertising. We turn attention re-routing advertising into high value in-stream transactions. We’re the only company truly doing social commerce."

Chirpify's latest move regarding in-stream commerce involves Instagram. Similar to Chirpify's Twitter capabilities, Instagram users can post a picture with the initial comment "#InstaSale $amount" ($amount = sale price). Other users can respond to the comment with "buy" and a PayPal transaction commences. The Instagram feature applies to fundraising as well with the initial comment set at "#InstaFund" and response "donate."

Chirpify has progressed from lofty idea to track-tested, transaction generating machine in a few months. The proof lies in the transactions. Green Day sold 3 albums every 55 seconds during the first four hours of its last release. Amanda Palmer sold $5,000 worth of t-shirts, at a rate of two shirts per minute, from one tweet.

Chirpify has caught fire and has evolved from its Twitter roots. Earlier this year, Instagram claimed more daily mobile users than Twitter; thus, adding Instragram to its Platform seems a promising strategy. If Chirpify's Twitter success is any indication of its upcoming Instagram success, Chirpify will be a name relevant only to the seedling that became an e-commerce phenomenon.

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