Chirpify Votes on Twitter for Political Fundraising

ChirpifyA few months ago, Chirpify launched its e-commerce Platform that turns Tweets into transactions. Now the company has entered the political scene with tweetlection, a fundraising platform for politicians.

Chirpify already gathered commitments from 25 U.S. Senate and House candidates to utilize the platform in their 2012 campaigns. Additionally, Chirpify launched a website specifically aimed at the presidential election, and has already seen donations to both the Obama and Romney campaigns. To donate via tweet, a donor simply tweets the following: "Donate $amount to @CandidateTwitter for Election 2012."

We already know that social media has changed the political landscape across the globe. Engagement is not the problem for politicians on Twitter, Andrew Hemingway told the LA Times. "What is an issue is turning that interaction into donations. ... Chirpify provides a simple solution by processing donations without ever having to leave Twitter," Hemingway said.

Chirpfiy founder and CEO, Chris Teso, points out that there are "an estimated 140 million Twitter users" and expects that small donations across such a large user base could have a sizable impact on elections moving forward.

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