ChowNow Extends Functionality with API Release

ChowNow originally changed ordering takeout by allowing customers to place an order directly from a restaurant's Facebook page. Recently, ChowNow has launched the ChowNow API which takes ordering to another level. The API allows developers to deliver the same functionality of the Facebook application with any application a developer desires.  For instance, customers can now browse a restaurant's menu from the particular restaurant's webpage, place an order, the payment method is processed, and the restaurant's bank account is credited without leaving the restaurant's webpage.

The Integration potential of the API stretches as far as a developer's imagination will reach. Developers can integrate the API with a POS system and CRM package to track order history and make future suggestions based on a customers previous actions. The integration capabilities of robust Contact Center applications that have revolutionized the hospitality industry over the past decade has now leaped from telephone conversations to a web experience.

ChowNow CEO, Christopher Webb, targeted Facebook functionality as a launchpad because over seventy percent of US restaurants have a Facebook presence, but cannot always afford a desirable web presence. ChowNow's Facebook and mobile success has led to more investors and encouraged expansion to new platforms. The API is currently in private beta. Interested developers can e-mail or click here.

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