Christmas Mashups

Just in time for the holiday break here are two seasonal mashups, both with a good sense of fun. One is even a bit utilitarian if you ever happen to need to know how far it is from a given point on the earth to the North Pole. (You can also find 7 other holiday-themed mashups here).

  • How Far Does Santa Have to Travel: You can find out how far it is between the North Pole and your house by using this tool which displays a map and the measured distance.
  • Tacky Christmas Lights: Locate the biggest Christmas light displays. Decorators register their display and this service provides an interactive map and custom driving directions.

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Hi Virender, thanks for adding that one as well. We'll get it listed before in the next day or two. Happy holidays.

[...] Shown below are two of these that have been added to our mashup directory. For more see our report from last year on tacky Christmas lights and finding out how far does Santa travel to [...]