Chrome 70 Beta Release Includes Shape Detection API

Google has announced the beta release of Chrome 70. A complete list of Chrome 70 features can be found at ChromeStatus. Two notable features of Chrome 70 include the Shape Detection API, and updates to the Web Authentication API.

The Shape Detection API is available through a Chrome origin trial. The API allows a device's shape detection capabilities to be found on the web. Accordingly, developers can identify faces, barcodes, and text within images. API access to this functionality eliminates the need for an intensive library that kills performance.

The ShapeDetection API includes three APIs:

Google made two updates to the Web Authentication API. Both are related to the PublicKeyCredential type. The PublicKeyCredential was originally added to supplement PasswordCredential and FederatedCredential to allow web apps to create and utilize strong credentials. It was enabled by default on desktop in Chrome 67 and is now default on desktop and Android in Chrome 70.

Additionally, macOS's TouchID and Android's fingerprint sensor are both enabled by default in Chrome 70. Developers gain access to both biometric authenticators through the Credential Management APIs. See more Chrome 70 features in the blog post announcement.

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