Chrome 84 Now Stable

Google is rolling out a stable version of Chrome 84. The most newsworthy updates of the new release include app icon shortcuts, new features within the Web Animations API, wake lock, the Content Indexing API, same site cookie policy changes, and trials for idle detection and Web Assembly SIMD. For a complete list of changes, check out the company announcement.

App icon shortcuts allow users to start common tasks directly within a third-party app. Examples include new tweets, messages, or check notifications. App icon shortcuts are supported in Chrome and Edge, desktop and mobile versions. New shortcuts are added through the “shortcuts” property in the web manifest.

The Web Animations API now supports a number of new features. First, animation.ready and animation.finished. Second, the browser can now clean up and remove outdated animations which save memory and improves performance. Third, users can combine animations through composite modes (i.e. add and accumulate options). There are many more Web Animations API adds, all of which can be seen at the Web Animations site.

Wake lock is a much-requested feature that prevents a screen from dimming and locking. The feature was previously in developer preview and is now graduating from the origin trial in Chrome 84. This could be a simple feature that has a huge impact. Betty Crocker saw a 300% increase in purchase intent after implementing the feature.

The Content Indexing API  allows users to find content that is available offline. Previous indexing features rely on a network connection, which isn’t helpful for content available offline. The offline indexing feature works using metadata. The Content Indexing API is another graduate of origin trial in Chrome 84. Google also announced two new origin trials for Chrome 84 (idle detection and Web Assembly SIMD). Check out the original trial details here.

Finally, Google is rolling out a new version of the same site cookie policy. This brief only highlights what’s new in Chrome 84. Check out What’s new, Deprecations & removals, status updates, JavaScript in 84, and Chromium source repository change list to see everything.

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