Cigna Health API: Realtime Health Data for Third Party Applications

Cigna, one of the world's largest health services provider, now offers realtime health data through the Cigna Health API. The API enables developers to create applications with personalized data, share test applications, deploy production applications and more. Authorized developer partners gain access to two general bodies of data: individual services (personal data) and utility services (broad set of capabilities).

Cigna is often narrowly thought of as a massive health insurance provider. However, InformationWeek named Cigna one of the top technology innovators of 2012. The Health API depicts a strong dedication to forward thinking and Cigna's commitment to offer services beyond insurance.

The Health API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Data types include a wide range of personal and organizational information (e.g. personal information, pharmacy data, biometric data, eligibility, goals, and more). For more information, visit the developer site.

Healthcare providers rely on cutting edge technology to break through barriers and escalate services to new heights. However, because of strict regulations, many providers are hesitant to utilize the most up to date technology for fear of legal liability. Cigna has shown a dedication to technological advancement with multiple web services. The Health API represents one example of its continued movement towards new types of health services.

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