CiRBA Releases API for Optimal Virtual Machine Placement

CiRBA has just released an API that communicates with your cloud management Platform telling it the most efficient spot for that next virtual machine (VM). The API could make for a good marriage between platforms. While cloud management solutions are ideal for provisioning VMs, they don’t always have controls in place for managing capacity.

That’s where CiRBA steps in. The company specializes in predictive analysis software that looks at trends and workload demands in cloud environments. According to CiRBA, managing workload demand in a virtual data center is like complex game of Tetris. A poorly played game can leave a lot of empty space, which equates to wasted capacity.

CiRBA’s new workload routing API (previously mentioned here on ProgrammableWeb) allows cloud management platforms, such as OpenStack and VMWare, to send a request to CiRBA and get back an answer regarding the best possible placement for a new workload. The answer is based on a broad set of factors, including usage patterns, licensing, capacity, policy constraints and technical considerations.

The new API also gives cloud managers access to CiRBA’s booking functions to reserve capacity for future needs through existing self-service portals.

“We see increased focus on maturing internal cloud operations in our customers,” said Andrew Hillier, CiRBA CTO and co-founder. “For self-service requests, there is a dire need for more intelligence in determining where these workloads go, and how much resources must be assigned to them. As internal cloud implementations scale and there are multiple environments, SLA levels or internal customers, it becomes unworkable to continue to place workloads based on simplistic or random algorithms.”

The new API, slated for release June 14, complements CiRBA's existing Capacity Control Console for daily optimization of cloud environments through ongoing rebalancing and VM right-sizing.

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