CircleCI Announces Production-Ready Insights Endpoints

CircleCI, a provider of cloud-native Continuous Integration services, has announced the release of a production-ready version of the company’s insights endpoints. The new endpoints have been in preview for some time now and are designed to aid developers by “unlocking key data around workflows and consumption.”

The insights endpoints allow users to track development statuses, monitor workflow durations, and optimize consumption. The company provided announcement highlights that status tracking allows users to “see which jobs are failing, which workflows have flaky tests, and prioritize efforts for pipeline improvement.” When it comes to monitoring workflow durations, the CircleCI REST API v2Track this API now includes endpoints that help developers determine the efficacy of initiatives based on duration, and identify opportunities for improvement. Seeing that all development initiatives take time, these new endpoints help teams analyze credit spend per job and/or workflow. CircleCI believes that this will help teams better project consumption from month to month. 

Interested developers should check out the company’s developer guide for the CircleCI REST API v2. The announcement of these new endpoints include additional information on the benefits to developers. 

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