Citrusbyte Unveils Mission Control, a New API Services Suite

Citrusbyte, an enterprise software company, today unveiled its new services suite, Mission Control, that helps companies build, promote, support, manage, and monetize access to both APIs and micro services.

Mission Control is uniquely designed to enable a portfolio of APIs to be aggregated through a central Platform delivering a single point of Authentication, provisioning, metering, monitoring, abuse prevention, key management, Documentation, and billing. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

The Mission Control services suite is made up of products and tools that enable companies to extract the most value out of their API-based services, and makes building and exposing new APIs both faster, simpler, and cheaper:

  • Launch Pad: Mission Control Launch Pad can power a fully branded developer experience, including centralized key management, provisioning, a custom API documentation builder, and developer billing.
  • Service Gate: Mission Control Service Gate provides a proxy layer that delivers API Rate Limiting, usage monitoring, metering, and abuse prevention functionality.
  • Rocket Cache: Mission Control Rocket Cache enables customers to transform a conventionally deployed mission critical API into a highly-available, fault-tolerant service with just one click.

Early implementers include AT&T which relies on Mission Control to monitor, meter, and monetize APIs for its internet of things services suite.

Mission Control joins Citrusbyte’s existing suite of cloud based software solutions, including the highly-available and distributed storage solution, Pelican, and is designed to be deployable and scale for customers with one API or hundreds.

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