API Grants Programmatic Access to Daily Deals and Discounts, local/national deal and discount finder, enables developers to access its deals database via the CityDeals API. Third party apps can feature daily deals and discounts, or provide a searchable interface of's entire portfolio of discounts. partners with retailers and service providers around the globe to provide an expansive offer of discounts applicable on a national scale or at the local level. is focused on providing an online retail experience that goes beyond a mere "deal of the day" shop. structures its deals in a balanced, ubiquitous manner that offers a level playing field for all users. Its API strategy extends its democratic approach to discounts and deals by integrating with other web based or mobile apps.

The CityDeals API uses REST protocol and returns calls in an XML or JSON data format. Its entire database is searchable through the API. Developers can call deals by a variety of parameters (e.g. location, merchant,  category, etc.). For more information, visit the developer site and register for an API Key for access.

The daily discounts and deal finder industry has seen rapid growth and disruption over the past few years. In a highly contested area, providers are challenged to provide new types of value beyond the competition. offers a unique approach to discounts and its API strategy opens its Platform up to a wide-reaching developer base.

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