CityGrid Advertising API Helps Show You The Money

Citysearch is an easy way to find the best of anything in your city. The company, based in West Hollywood, was founded in 1995 and now covers over 75,000 locations nationwide. Using their online search tool you can search for your city and return results ranging from recommended restaurants to recommended hotels. This online aggregate of local listings content and advertisers allows developers to tap into a massive site monetization resource. The CityGrid Advertising API makes all of CitySearch’s content available to other websites, provides simple ‘pay-per-click’ monetization options to users.

Using the CityGrid Advertising API developers can pull a myriad of content from Citysearch. This content includes:

  • Descriptions of local businesses
  • Customer reviews
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Hours of operation
  • Offers
  • Menus
  • Metered phone numbers

The CityGrid Advertising API makes Citysearch’s repository of local listings content and advertising available for use within an existing platform. This cooperation could foster a greater degree of monetization and increase content quality. The CityGrid Advertising API is RESTful and can return advertisement information in either JSON or XML.

The CityGrid Advertising API is one of 116 advertising APIs in our directory.

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