Clarify Launches Audio and Video Search API

Audio and video search Platform Clarify has officially launched its search API. The API has been in private beta since March, but Clarify is now ready to take the API to the broader public. The API allows developers to embed its audio and video search functionality into third-party apps and workflows. The API uses natural language processing to translate a video or audio clip into text. Users can then search the text for the precise moment with a basic word search. It took the Clarify team 18 months to build an engine that could properly search a phone call. Now, with a few lines of code, any developer can accurately search through video and audio clips of all kinds.


Clarify was years in the making, both in concept and in development. Founder Paul Murphy has a background in telephony and finance. Murphy and a small group originally founded a company that allowed users to record calls. However, the team noticed that recorded calls were accessed less and less as time progressed. When the team inquired into this behavior, it discovered that finding specific moments on a call was too difficult. After no off-the-shelf solution arose as a method to deal with the issue, the team decided to build the platform itself; thus, the idea for Clarify was born.

Today, the team is focused on the API with no intention of building a proprietary system. Clarify has garnered interest across industries. From banks to megamedia outlets, companies have a need to find specific moments in a recorded call, published video, etc. Companies are utilizing the platform for both internal purposes and to better serve a client base. 

The API uses REST protocol and responds with hypermedia JSON format HAL. The API is media-centric and defines Bundle, Tracks and Metadata models. For more information, visit the API docs or sign up.

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