Cleanweb Portland to Host its First Hackathon

Cleanweb consists of "a grassroots movement committed to solving the world’s most profound issues related to Resource constraints through the application of information technology." The Portland Cleanweb Community will host its first hackathon May 17th - 19th. Developers, designers, and other professionals with gather to solve local environmental issues with web, mobile, and social media technologies. David Heslam, Earth Advantage Executive Director, commented:

"This is an opportunity for us to partner with Cleanweb to bring developers together from across the region, once again demonstrating Portland’s leadership role in sustainability."

Earth Advantage will host the hackathon as the platinum sponsor. Although the hackathon represents the first rendition for the Portland community, Cleanweb hackathons have taken place across the world since 2011. The top app winner at the Portland event will receive $3,500 with additional cash prizes for second and third place.

Contestants and guests should arrive in the evening, May 17th to network, scout, and interact with API providers. Portland's Commissioner, Nick Fish, will deliver a keynote and apps will be judged by experts from Intel and Pivotal Investments. To register or learn more, visit the Portland Cleanweb site. Come enjoy green thinkers, industry experts, music, and food while attacking environmental dangers with next generation technology.

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